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Code Working Space

Social Developers Club Meetup - Start-up Night Tech

Hi awesome people,
are you ready to listen to interesting ideas and inspiring start-ups ?

Then pack your things and get ready for our next meetup!
This time it is all about TECH START-UPS 🤓🎉

We have invited 5 start-ups from different areas, that will give you some insights of their world and the technologies they’re using.

Networking and fun is of course included as always!
So get ready for an amazing evening!


[ Dev Connect ]
Our mission at devconnect is building a community of dedicated mentors and mentees who want to improve their coding skills by collaborating on hands-on software projects together. We enable our project teams to create, learn & grow while giving them a platform to present their achievements to Hamburg's developer community at our meetups.

[ stackOcean ]
stackOcean spezialisiert sich auf das Messen und Visualisieren von Besucherzufriedenheit auf Veranstaltungen und in Geschäften.Dabei wird den Besuchern direkt vor Ort die Möglichkeit gegeben ihre Meinung abzugeben. Dies ist entweder durch eine Interaktion mit einem unserer Terminals oder dem eigenen Smartphone möglich - der Besucher kann hierfür einfach einen QR-Code scannen oder einen Weblink eingeben. Dabei liegt der Fokus stets auf einer einfachen und intuitiven Nutzung.

[ Point 8 ]
Point 8 provides data science as a service - because data matters. Founded by three particle physicists, Point 8 helps their clients benefit from data analysis and machine learning, not just in the digital but particularly in the physical world. Thanks to the growing team's experience, Point 8 covers all phases of a data science project - from the discovery of data-driven business cases to prototype development to deployment of solutions.
Speaker: Data scientist Dr. Christian Staudt regularly collaborates with Point 8 on projects and workshops.

[ Cauliflower ]
Cauliflower provides meaningful insights from text. Using machine learning and deep learning, Cauliflower uncovers reasons for people's behaviour and opinions. By analyzing customer feedback or social media, Cauliflower’s clients can improve the relevance of their offering, identify problems and strengthen relationships with their customers.

[ Taliox ]

Schedule of the event:
18:30 Doors open, mingling + drinks
19:00 Introducing start-ups 1,2&3
19:30 Break
19:45 Introducing start-ups 4&5
20:15 Community time
Approx. 21:00 End

As always: everyone is welcome! Beginners, experts and everyone who has an interest in the topic.

Can’t wait to see you🤓🤗! - Social Developers Club

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